Charles Robinson's latest studio creation finds the Dallas, TX-based jazz recording artist, pianist and saxophone player, releasing his first solo jazz album 'The Golden Ratio'. 'The Golden Ratio' takes the listener on a spiralling journey of smooth jazz, jazz fusion and electronica. Taking inspiration from greats like Herbie Hancock, Bernie Worrell and Robert Glasper, Charles has channelled their energy and created a fast-paced, dynamic, and incredibly polished record.
The Golden Ratio is a sonic exploration that delves into a number of styles showcasing that several different musical styles can exist harmoniously with one another. With jazzy flourishes, dancing piano notes and head-nodding percussion, Robinson has crafted something highly individual. The subtleties of each musical arrangement are crammed full of technical idiosyncrasies that come together in a memorable fashion.
Charles has racked up many accolades based on his talents; he marched with the world-renowned Sounds of Dynamite marching band, has served as music director for several religious organizations and has performed overseas in support of the U.S Military in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. In 2004, Charles was called to active duty and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Regardless of how austere the conditions during this time, Charles continued to sharpen his musical skills whenever he had the opportunity.
The real beauty of The Golden Ratio is that it plays with so many sounds and styles and yet doesn’t lose focus, instead, it strengthens the album’s unique atmosphere. Charles Robinson is an artist who takes chances and makes them pay off for himself and his audience alike.