Ego Death, composed by Charles Robinson, starts off by introducing a heavy rhythm that is customarily found in African drums for ceremonial use. After the drums are introduced, the keyboard starts to play a neo-soul sounding combination. After about a minute, other instruments are introduced, and the sound starts to take on a mind of its own. To me, there is only one word to describe this track: chaotic. To the untrained ear, it seems as if the music is in competition within itself, but, to a jazz enthusiast like myself I understand the juxtaposition. Sometimes, your ego forces you to stick to one thing (hence the heavy rhythm throughout) but life has a crazy way of embellishing things that seem so, “on the beat”. Sometimes it is almost a necessity to go into the chaos in order to discover “A brave new world.”

I love the fact that not one part of the song sounds like the other. I also loved how it ended. Once the chaos died down you had the same rhythm from before but with more musical elements incorporated. It is as if the music influenced the core sound. I listened to this song multiple times with my eyes closed and focused on different elements each time. Every time I did that, I found something more to appreciate. This jazz fusion piece is amazing, innovative, and it ignites imagination. Kudos to Charles Robinson for gifting us with a truly unique sound that is sure to leave a lasting impression to all that hear.

Charles Robinson- Ego Death (Review & Stream)

It’s not every day we come across a jazz musician with compositions like Charles Robinson.

He calls himself “your friendly neighborhood producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer.” Charles Robinson’s single, “Ego Death,” is featured on his new album A Brave New World. Through this song, Robinson takes us on a journey of alternating tempos and dissonance.

The various instruments used on “Ego Death” blend to give a unique yet polished sound. This is the kind of track one would hear in the background of an indie or vintage film that ties the whole scene together. The complexity of the drums really stuck out and gave me a hint of bossa nova.

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Charles Robinson - A Brave New World

A Brave New World is the second studio album from artist and performer “Charles Robinson.” Throughout the span of his career, Charles had the opportunity to explore the sound and feel of various genres, ranging from jazz, to fusion, ambient, industrial, and more. “A Brave New World” represents yet another remarkable step forward for this talented artist. who is always keen on experimenting with the combination of various ideas and influences, in order to create a personal and expansive sound, with a very expressive feel to it. The release features a collection of forward-thinking songs, which have a really edgy experimental feel. On the other hand, Charles also managed to retain a catchy and immediate spirit, which makes this album appealing to a really broad crowd.

The title track of this release, is actually a perfect example of what you can expect. Charles has a way to blend sophisticated musicianship with a high degree of creative freedom and intuitiveness, allowing his instincts as a performer to dominate is vision, just as much as his technical mastery. Charles has a sound that feels irreverent and one-of-a-kind, and he knows that rules are meant to be broken. After all, this is really the original spirit of the original greats of this genre! Experimental music was never meant for music school elitists, but rather, for musicians to get loose and experiment with sonic ideas outside the lines. This release is filled with beautiful moments, but one of my favorite tracks remains “There’s A Monster in My Keyboard,” which actually highlights Chalres’ light-hearted and dynamic approach to his music. “Summer 81” is another outstanding track with a bittersweet feel and a nice, nostalgic outlook. All in all, I’d recommend this album to anyone who enjoys music that feels unique and personable, going for a very intimate and direct listening experience. In addition to the great songwriting and performances on this release, the songs are also very well-produced, a fact that really enhances the listening experience as well!

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Charles Robinson - ‘A Brave New World’

We have been lucky enough to review the magnificent latest release by Charles Robinson. It is labelled in the Jazz genre but we feel this is unfair. This album transcends many genres and it feels as though it is Jazz being redefined and innovated for 2018.

The album opens with the track, ‘Hypernova’. It is a beat-heavy song with the bass dancing in the background. The piano plays chords with gorgeous 7ths and then we hear an organ filling the sound with luscious, unpredictable solos. The song is driven with the drums, the high hats are fast and reliable and the snare offers a crack with an abundance of double hits. This creates its own texture and interest.

This is swiftly followed by another of our favourite tracks, ‘Khemet’. It is a shift in feel with a heavily syncopated kick drum which emphasises a strong hip-hop influence. It is laid back and mysterious in nature with a gorgeous double bass with bent notes which nod back again to the jazz feel.

We also adored the track, ‘Sumer 81’ which has a Trapp influence in the drums with gorgeous synths, a jazz piano over the top and a skatty piano solo. Bliss. ‘Strange Fruit’ is a distant cousin from Nina Simone’s same-titled infamous song but is brilliant in its own way. It has a Drum and Bass feel again with the addition of electronic keyboards and mesmerising percussion. ‘Keep it Real’ funky to its core, it will have you reaching for the repeat button in no time - I know we were!

Our favourite song was, ‘Black heart’ because it featured very Rock sounding drums but it is still mainly defined by the keys and bass. The minor key is sad and mysterious and the track slowly builds layers and textures. It also leaves spaces when needed. These can add as much detail as riffs can, when used in such a complex way as they have been on ‘A Brave New World’.

In conclusion, ‘A Brave New World’ is Jazz/Drumnbass/Trapp/Rock at their very finest! Charles Robinson is the type of talent who will keep on evolving and reinventing himself. You are never 100 per cent sure what will come next but that is part of the joy and the journey of discovery which the listener goes on while listening.

With a release as strong as this one, we can not wait to hear what will come next from this very special artist.


Artist Review: Charles Robinson – “A Brave New World” LP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

The new album by Charles Robinson, A Brave New World, brings you into a world of its own. And it is more than satisfying.

Imagine the perfect night at NYC’s Blue Note, Manhattan’s ultimate hotspot for Jazz. You walk in, order your favorite scotch on the rocks and take a seat with your friends and colleagues in the iconic lounge, reminiscing about your weekend plans.

Then your idle chitchat becomes overwhelmingly captivated by the artist performing in front of you that is delivering a heatwave of Jazz and Fusion right before your eyes. Dynamic, structured and extremely crafted to perfection for any avid Jazz lover. That artist is Charles Robinson, and he really takes you into a whole new world of Jazz with A Brave New World.

This album, a collection of tracks separated more into chapters, delves into an atmospheric ambience of classic Jazz & Fusion with a modern twist to its overall production value. From an outpouring of leads that rotate between piano, marimbas and a classic Rhodes piano sound, Robinson‘s melody choices perfectly parallel the right rhythm section that drives each song forward.

There are twists and turns, but everything is in its rightful place. The exploration of multifaceted musicianship factors goes deep within the realm of Jazz and showcases a flavor only Robinson has served up, and provides the listener with a signature sound that could be described as your favorite Jazz musician’s favorite Jazz musician. And deserves his name among the commonplace of the genres industry heavyweights.

However, when you attempt to draw comparisons, Robinson‘s style resonates with some of his artist influences including Herbie Hancock, Bernie Worrell and Robert Glasper. But more modern and more versatile – as A Brave New World demonstrates.

If you’re looking for your next favorite Jazz musician of the modern era, Charles Robinson will easily win you over. His skill is unwavering, his passion glistens through every composition, and A Brave New World brings it all right to the surface. This album is an absolute must-have for anyone that appreciates the genre.

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